I Was the Child Left Behind

Thoughts of a one lovingly placed for adoption…an adoption that would not happen but rather 18 years of foster care.

I watched others being chosen. I was ignored.

I hoped. I waited.

Sometimes they wanted girls, sometimes boys.

Sometimes they wanted a brother and a sister under

I was too young.

I was too old.

Sometimes they looked for a child who had blue eyes.

Sometimes they looked for a child who had curly hair.

They looked and whispered that I was too short.

They said I was too fat.

Sometimes I was too tall or just “Not quite right.”

I wished that someone would come see me and choose me.

I don’t have much hope anymore.

They took some away.

They took little babies.They took pretty girls.
They even took young boys.

I am not sure where they took them.

They said they go across America.

They said some even go to other countries.

When I had hope, I hoped I could just go.

That was before I knew that I was too young or too
old, or too tall or too short, too fat or ” Not quite

My hope gone. I was the child left behind.

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4 Responses

  1. ((((((((((((((((((((Larry)))))))))))))))))))))) Know I am sending you lots, and lots of hugs.


  2. Larry: There are tears in my eyes. I’m working to get a grant that will give adoption workers more opportunity to receive extended education and skills to be able to address the situation that you experienced first hand. There are people out there that do care! I’m one of them!

  3. Tears.
    Just lots of tears.
    Possum. xxx

  4. Larry,
    I too was looked at the same way, I ended up as a “Money Child” for a Family who told me if your foster sister does not like you you will go back, I was told this until I was 18 and I moved in when I was 15, We are the forgotten children in America, Like the Book I saw once called the Throw away children. I wish there were support groups for us. I am now 48 and I live with the name of “Foster Child” to this day.
    God Bless

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