I’m a Child!

The following poem was not written by me.

I read it on a messageboard yesterday. I was moved to tears as I read it as I could so relate to it having spent my entire youth in foster care. Though I aged out of the system almost forty years ago the once closed wounds can very easily be reopened. This shares perfectly just a few of the feelings a foster youth endures while in care of the state. 

I later asked the author, after the tears dried, if I could share it on my blog and she agreed. Please bear in mind it is her copyrighted material and cannot be used in any manner without her consent.

The writer is a biological mom, a foster mom as well as an adoptive mom.

God bless her and the many I know like her!

I’m A Child!

I’m a Child,
I’m not a placement.

I’m a Child in foster care,
I’m not a foster child.

I’m a Child,
not a RADish, a child who has been hurt deeper than anyone can imagine and I have behaviors that I would change if I could, but I can’t, until I have someone who comes along and sees me as more than my diagnosis.

I’m a Child just like any other child,
except that my parents weren’t able to care for me, so the state took me. The damage that my parents did hardly compares to the damage the state is doing by not providing my foster parents with the services they need to care for me. Instead I am moved from one house to another until I end up in a place called Residential Treatment Center.

I’m a Child,
not a statistic. If I aged out of foster care, it’s because the state didn’t do their job, as my legal parent, to find me a home that could love and care for me.

I’m a Child,
not a payment to the state to keep me in permanent foster care, where they can, at their full unaccountable discretion move me away from the HOME where my FAMILY is.

I’m a Child,
Please don’t give up on me when my behaviors say I’m so unlovable. That may be how I feel about myself right now. I need someone to show me I’m wrong.

I’m a Child,
who, like any other child, wants to be loved and cherished. I want someone to see the value within me. I have the same hopes and dreams as any other child. I need someone to help me realize them.

I’m a Child,
I have no voice.
I need someone there to advocate for me when the system that I’m in makes decisions that are going to hurt me. Please don’t give up on me!
copyright 2007Lovemy6
Bio, adoptive, and foster mom



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  1. I was raised by my biological mother so I have not experienced foster care but I can tell you that poem made me cry too.

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