Sad and Painful News

Tuesday I received very sad and painful news.

Marge Monshor, wife of Sonny Monshor passed away Tuesday afternoon. Sonny, Marge and I were reunited back in 2003 after being separated for 45 years. Sonny’s parents were my foster parents 3 times back in the 1950s and tried to adopt me twice. Sonny & Marge also attempted to adopt me once.

At their invitation I was able to travel to Florida in 2003 to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I had hoped since then to be able to visit them again before anything happened but just did not have the finances.

Marge has been in a nursing home tha past 2 yrs after suffering her 3rd major stroke. We knew this day was coming but it came somewhat expectedly as I spoke with Gayle (their daughter) just 2 weeks ago and Marge was doing well all things considered.

Her heart just gave out.

I spoke to Sonny for over an hour last evening. We shared some memories of the years his parents were my foster parents, how he and Marge wanted to adopt me after his folks were denied,as well as our last visit together…there were laughs and tears on both ends.

We recounted the story of their engagement on Christmas 1953 when he asked Marge to marry him and I went up to him and hit him…told him he couldn’t cuz she was MY girl…I was 3 yrs old then.

It is thanks to Marge & Sonny that I have some photos of my childhood including the one taken 3 days after my birth by the hospital where I was born for their adoption book….Sonny has no idea how his folks got it but it was kept all those yrs until Marge could give it to me.

Many thoughts and memories.

Please keep Sonny & Gayle in your payers as they go through this very hard time. Sonny I know is going to extremely lost without Marge.

I could write a lengthy tribute to Marge here but I think it better to refer you to when I wrote about them and our reuniting back in 2003 on my website if you care to read it at:

I also shared the story of Mom and Dad Monshor in an earlier blog entry at:

Marge will be laid to rest Friday…I love you Marge, may you rest in peace!


Marge & I on her 50th wedding anniversary