Christmas Wishes!

I want to take this early morning opportunity to wish each of you, my readers, the full richness of the Spirit, Joy and Blessings of the Christmas Season!

As you rush to complete those last minute details in preparation for the day I pray each will take a moment to remember those who are less fortunate than us…especially the orphans of the world and those youth spending yet another year in the US foster care system.

As one who spent 18 Christmas seasons in foster care I know how difficult this time of year is for youth in care and even after they may age out as I did. You may read about it in my blog entry entitled, “All They Want for Christmas” at:

To those of you who are foster parents or have adopted youth from foster care please know that despite what you may say…YOU are HEROES!

Finally as we approach the new year my wish and prayer for each of you is that 2008 will be a year of fulfillment and your best year ever.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



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  1. Did not see a link to contact you by and wanted to know if you would share this news with your Blog readers Please…

    Dear Fellow Tennesseans,

    On Friday I received this email from a teacher in Davidson County…

    News from MNPS Public Information Office

    Woody McMillin, Director Public Information MNPS Seeking Surrogate Parents

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 21, 2008) – Metro Nashville Public Schools is
    looking for individuals to serve as surrogate parents for students with
    disabilit ies. MNPS Special Education Director Kaye Rackard says the
    service is “fulfilling, rewarding and challenging.”
    “When a student with a disability does not have a parent, or if
    the parent or a relative cannot be located, federal law requires the
    appointment of a surrogate or acting parent to represent the student,”
    Rackard says. “We’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful, caring
    people come forward to help with this important service – but there’s
    always a need for more.”
    To serve as a surrogate parent, volunteers must agree to the

    * Be willing to attend no less than a three (3) hour training

    * Be employed by an organization or business other than MNPS or
    any other agency involved in the education or care of the student

    * Be willing to represent the child throughout the special
    education decision making process

    * Be willing to become acquainted with the child’s educational

    * Respect the confidentiality of all records and information

    * Monitor the child’s education program, services, and/or

    * Recommend appropriate changes in the services and/or placement
    of the child

    The date for the next training session will be conducted by
    Julia Parker, consulting special education teacher, on Thursday, January
    17, 2008. Training will be held at Old Cockrill Itinerant Support
    Service Center from 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided.
    Reservations must be made so materials can be prepared for each
    participant. For more information, and to make reservations, please

    Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools System
    Department of Special Education
    Mrs. Sarah Wilkins
    Robertson Academy Itinerant Center
    835 Robertson Academy Road
    Nashville, Tennessee 37220

    Office Number: 333-5064 ext. 1005.
    Fax Number: 333-0169
    E-mail Address:

    Responses will be accepted through Tuesday, January 15, 2008.
    Surrogate parents have no financial responsibility for the students they
    represent. Surrogate parents and students have contact only in the
    school setting.

    Metro Nashville Public Schools provide a range of educational
    opportunities to more than 75,000 students in Nashville and Davidson
    County. The governing body for MNPS is the Metropolitan Nashville and
    Davidson County Board of Public Education, a nine-member group elected
    by residents of Metropolitan Nashville. For more information, please

    Also, please do not forget to contact Gov. Bredesen and request that he raise $19.5 MILLION Dollars on Needed Programs in Tennessee (like this) instead of an Underground “Conservation Hall” that most Tennesseans will never benefit from!

  2. To those of you who are foster parents or have adopted youth from foster care please know that despite what you may say…YOU are HEROES

    As I sit here holding the my 2 yr old son, on the verge of adopting him from foster care. I want to at the same time laugh my butt off at the fact anyone would think I’m a hero & run screaming from the room because I think I’m crazy for thinking what I do matters, mostly to the 6 yr old, running around who I fear will never know “a home of his own”.
    You know, you’ve been there. Does it matter to him? Am I making a difference? Or is what I’m doing/not doing Crazy. Sometimes I just don’t know…

  3. I just read your post on Barak Obama’s website and I was wondering if you have received any response. As a former foster youth myself as well as an employee of a state child welfare agency, I am not sure who I want to vote for. Hillary seems to be the only candidate who seems to care about foster children…though, I still do not know how I feel about her. Anyway, I have thought about supporting Obama, but i’m curious to know your reasons for supporting him.
    thank you

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