A Feel Good Story to Start Your Day!!!

I’ll let this story from my local newspaper today speak for itself…all I know is that it made me smile and brightened the start of my day.

The Fargo Forum
Published December 29 2009
Bob Lind: Kind gesture brightens lives of 11 foster kids

It wasn’t Muriel Lamp’s regular day to work at the Boutique Retreat, but the Fargo store’s owner had to be out of town and would have had to close up if she hadn’t, so she volunteered to take that extra day.

It was last Sept. 1, a day that become memorable for Muriel.

About 11 a.m. that day, a man walked in and told Muriel he wanted to buy 11 gifts, they had to be “sparkly jewelry,” and he would be willing to spend up to $60 for each.

Muriel laid out some pieces of beaded jewelry: bracelets, earrings, necklaces. Fine, the man said. Then he handed her a letter. “I was stunned,” she says.

The letter said he wanted the gifts to go to girls who were in foster care. He didn’t care who. It said he also planned to shop for boys.

“(I) believe I know what it is like to be in foster care and not have parents whatever the case may be,” the letter concluded, and it was signed “Anonymous.”

The man mentioned he was passing through Fargo and had been staying at the Holiday Inn. But that’s all he said about himself.

Muriel didn’t pump him for more information; she just said yes, she’d get the items delivered to the foster care people.

So the man watched, and approved, as she packaged each item in small mesh bags.

The bill, she told him, would be $671.29. Fine, he said, and he paid her – in cash, including some large bills.

“I thought they might be counterfeit,” an aghast Muriel said.

As the man left, Muriel told him he was one wonderful guy. He said in turn she was one wonderful gal, because she didn’t ask him a lot of questions.

Muriel took the gifts to Cass County Family Services, which distributed them to 11 teen girls in foster care.

A Family Services staff member said the items “were beautiful, all handmade; very nice gifts.”

Yes, this occurred several months ago. But it seems like a good story for this, the last Neighbors column of 2009, because it typifies the many positive things people out there are doing.

Muriel, of Fargo, says she’ll never forget that day; a day when she was supposed to be at home, but “happened” to be at work.

“I just think someone had me there for a purpose,” she says.

P.S. The bills with which the man paid for the gifts weren’t counterfeit.


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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!

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