A Tribute to a Foster Mother by Riverbird

This entry was written by a young woman who spent part of her youth in foster acre. She wrote this as a tribute to her foster mother this past Mothers Day. I requested and she consented allowing me to post this on my blog as I feel it deserves an audience, Thank you Riverbird (not her real name at her request) for consenting to allow me to post this. The entry speaks for itself!

I have managed to, in my life, have the best and worst moms in the world.

My birth mom was insane and hurt me in ways i’ll likely never fully overcome.
My foster mom saved my life.

My birth mom called me her mistake.
My foster mom believed in me when no one else would.

My birth mom did drugs and “forgot” to feed me.
My foster mom waited patiently when I was too terrified to eat at her house. She even “snuck” me snacks later to make sure I didn’t go hungry.

My birth mom told my school that she wasn’t surprised that I was failing.
My foster mom fought with the school so that they would give me tutors and work with me.

My birth mom told me I was stupid.
My foster mom showed me I was smart.

My birth mom spent hours plotting ways to hurt me.
My foster mom spent hours finding ways to save me.

My birth mom yelled at me and beat me for the smallest of things.
My foster mom was quiet while I yelled and screamed. She knew I needed to get it out.

My birth mom laughed in my face when I was being hurt.
My foster mom helped me rediscover my own laugh.

My birth mom gave me nightmares.
My foster mom helped me to dream.

My birth mom built a life of fear.
My foster mom introduced me to love.

My birth mom kept me from having friends.
My foster mom is the “mom” that my friends get to meet.

My birth mom started my life.
My foster mom will be there for life.

My birth mom has left me with a mothers day of terrifying memories, pain, and unbelievable sadness.
My foster mom has given me a reason to smile and be proud on Mothers Day.

My birth mom may have stolen my past,
But my foster mom gave me a future.

Thank you, Mama D, for bringing me out of the darkness.

by: Riverbird