More FY 2010 Foster Care/Adoption Data

Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
AFCARS data, U.S. Children’s Bureau, Administration for Children, Youth and Families

Because AFCARS data are being continuously updated and cleaned, the numbers reported here may differ from data reported elsewhere in report breakdown. These data reflect all AFCARS submissions by states received by June of 2011.

Adoptions  from foster care   52,340:
married couples…34953, 67%
unmarried couples…1140, 2%
single females…14465, 28%
single males…1392, 3%
10 states with highest # of adoptions from foster care:
CA 6044
TX 4709
FL 3385
MI 2597
PA 2365
NY 2205
AZ 2045
WA 1633
OK 1628
IN 1458
Waiting adoption end of FY 2010 107011:
10 states with highest # “legal orphans” & waiting for adoption:
CA 13396
TX 13111
NY 6603
MI 5236
FL 5011
IN 3092
WA 3089
OH 3011
OK 2872
IL 2844
MA 2758

NOTE: Children 16 years old and older whose parents’ parental  rights have been terminated and who have a goal of emancipation (aging out) have been  excluded from the report.

Data for FY 2011 will not be available until June 2012.



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