Justice & Maybe Healing Can Begin

Last November when the Penn State Scandal first erupted I wrote a blog stating my feelings on the case, a link to it is below:


Last evening I attended the Arizona Diamondbacks vs Chicago baseball game. Because of this I did not hear the initial reports of the outcome of the Jerry Sandusky trial.

While driving home from the game I was listening to a news radio station; the story came on of the finding of guilty on 45 of 48 charges. I had to pull over to the side of the road as tears began to well up in my eyes. As I approached the side of the road the tears became a full blown cry.

I cried because it was a feeling that justice had finally became a reality for the 10 identified victims of this predator. The tears began with the joy that this happened but soon turned to tears of sorrow.

It took  courage far beyond what many would be able to muster to overcome fear and state before the world what happened to them and how it has affected their lives. I cried for the pain they had endured for so many years. I cried because people did not believe them when in some cases they told those whom they trusted about the abuse but it turned out it fell on deaf ears or an unwillingness to hear and believe. And folks wonder why it can take so many years before one comes forward.

I cried with hope that maybe, just maybe, healing may begin for those 10 young men as well as those who were unable to overcome their fears, shame, grief to come forward. Yes, I believe there are more victims out there. Sandusky did not begin his predatory actions when he began his non profit where he trolled for his potential prey; I believe he had been doing it for years!

Sandusky’s conviction is not the end of this case. Others still face trial for perjury, investigations are still going on as to who knew what and when. Other victims I believe because of the results of trial and the fact that 12 jurors believed the story of those who testified others will overcome their fears, shame and grief and come forward. A young man of 30 as well as Matt Sandusky, Sandusk’y adopted son whom he adopted after he aged out of the foster are system, came forward before the trial even ended.

It took me over 40 years after I was sexually abused, for which no one was ever held accountable, to overcome and finally share with others what happened to me. Though it is now over 50 years since it happened there are times, like last night, when all of it comes back to me as though it happened yesterday. It is something that will remain, to some degree, a part of me until my last breath.

It is my great hope and prayer that Sandusky’s conviction will be the start of the healing process for his victims. It is my hope that their community will not just move on to other things now that this trial is over but rather will be available to these young men & others as help is needed. The 8 men who testified took their fist steps in healing by overcoming fears and having that courage to testify against their predator but they will have many more miles to walk before they can say healing has happened.

Hopefully folks will realize total healing  never occurs; their experiences will always be a part of their lives but the healing will allow them to move forward with their lives allowing them to be in control rather than the experience controlling them. I know how my life has been all these years from the experience.

Because of his conviction Sandusky faces a minimum of 60 years in prison and a maximum of over 400 years. It means he will die in prison…rightfully where he belongs  and where he deserves to die! He will never be able to abuse child and steal their youth again!

Now I await others that need to be held accountable for their actions or lack thereof have there day to be held accountable.